H&S is proud to partner with Surry County Community Collage for the advanced beekeeping class. This class will start on April 20th at 3pm at H&S Bee Supply. We will cover how and why to feed my bees, honey production and extracting, queen rearing, mite testing and treatment, routine hive inspection, and reading the reading the comb. Registration is to be done with SCC at (336)386-3618. Limited number of spaces available.

Class Schedule

April 20st 2:00pm at H&S
May 18 2:00pm at H&S
June 15th 2:00pm at H&S
July 13th,20st,27th 2:00 at H&S
July 16th,23rd,30th 7:00pm at SCC Mt. Airy
August 3th,10th 2:00pm at H&S
August 6th 7:00pm at SCC Mt. Airy