How to become a beekeeper.

Most beekeepers start by taking a basic course offered through a local beekeeping organization, and then gain practical experience setting up and maintaining their own hives.
The SCBA along with Surry Community College and H&S Bee Supply are pleased to offer classes almost year round. Starting in February with our Beginning Beekeeping course. This class usually starts the first week in February and lasts for 6 weeks. This class is all "in class" instruction on the basics of becoming a beekeeper. Starting in March we offer our mentor classes. These classes are held the 3rd Saturday of each month, from March thru June. The mentor classes are meant to show beginner beekeepers what he or she should be looking for and doing in their own hives. It is all "in hive" instruction, as long as weather permits.
Starting in July we offer an Advanced Beekeeping course. These classes start in July and end in August. The Advanced Beekeeping course is meant to teach honey production, how to deal with pest and disease, nutrition, and preparing colonies for winter. The Advanced Beekeeping classes are both "in class" and "in hive" and are held on Tuesday evenings and Saturday days.